Pros and Cons of Celebrating Your Wedding At the Beach

Pros and Cons of Celebrating Your Wedding At the Beach

Yes, I do.

I do want to have my wedding at the beach, I just haven’t found the one, yet. Besides the point.

So you’ve been planning to get married but you and your partner haven’t settled on a location. 

Many amazing locations can make your wedding just as perfect as you’d want. Some may choose to have their wedding at home, in a church, in a courthouse, museum, park, restaurant, e.t.c.

With many options to choose from, you might have been thinking about whether having your wedding at the beach is the best option for you.

A beach can accommodate all sorts of wedding budgets and no one should feel like it’s too luxurious for them. 

This article is going to focus on some of the pros and cons of celebrating your wedding at the beach. 


  1. Specular view

This is the selling point and the first thing to pop in mind when you think of having your wedding at the beach.

It gives a perfect backdrop for lovers to pledge their love for each other. 

The setting of a beach is romantic. The sunlight, the waves, the blue waters, and the natural sound of tides. 

  1. Breathtaking photos

 You want to make your wedding as perfect as you possibly can. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. You’d therefore want to work with a professional photographer(s). All the beautiful scenery must be captured just right!

For your photography needs, you may consider looking at online US reviews for some good wedding photography companies/agencies because this being a special moment in your life, the photography should not be any less. Wouldn’t it be nice if your guests could also get a short vacation whilst attending your wedding?

Most guests will refuse to turn down the invitation considering that they’ll be going to the beach and they just might choose to extend their stay a little bit longer. 

  1. Beautiful spot for venue 

You might also choose to take the vows from the beach and stay there for the venue. This will reduce the amount of money you’ll need to relocate to a different venue. 

  1. It can be less expensive

For an average American wedding, what’s in the budget checklist usually include; 

  • The ceremony/ venue, planner, and decor- this might come as a set price if you so choose to work with a wedding planning agency or company. 

A beach wedding doesn’t need a lot of decoration, therefore, you might spend a fraction of the price compared to other locations. 

  • The attire/wedding dress – depending on how far you’d want to go with your budget, you can find very affordable attires on these wedding dresses online stores

Or perhaps, if your wedding outfits and dresses are non-negotiable, you may choose to trade with high-end luxury stores like Olivela

  • The cake and food – this will depend on the course and the number of guests at your wedding. 
  • Music, photos, and videos – in most weddings it doesn’t cost a lot unless you are working with high-end photographers/disk jokers with expensive hourly rates 
  • Honeymoon – some people will choose not to have honeymoons, and for some, they’ll go their way and travel the world. 

This is not a conclusive list and if you want to learn more about the full budget list of a wedding.

Having your wedding at the beach can save you a lot especially if you are working on a minimal budget. 


1. Privacy

The beach might not be the most private place to have your wedding not unless you’ll be hiring a private beachfront resort or property.

You might as well choose a less populated beach to have your wedding if the budget is a strain.

For a public beach ensure you get a permit to be on the safe side of the law and to avoid your wedding being ruined by law enforcement. 

  1. Weather

One thing that fascinates me is how far love birds can take with their wedding locations. 

I’ve once attended a wedding with spectacular views from the escapement but the weather was terrible. 

The wind was so strong that the beautifully decorated drapings were blown away! 

For a beach wedding, ensure your decor is windproof.  Or better still do a good weather forecast some months prior. 

  1. Noisy 

Mother nature is unpredictable. While the sound of tides is romantic, too much of it can be annoying. Check the tides and always have a backup plan.