Every year, we wait for Diwali and make grand plans for the same. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and the spread of COVID increasing rapidly, there is a bit of glitch in our Diwali plans. There would be no grand parties this year or rushing from one house to another to wish our friends and family members.

But that doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy the festival of lights to the fullest. Each festival this year was celebrated with the presence of COVID. Yet, we made sure that it didn’t crush our festive spirits. Everyone is taking precautions and still celebrating. The same will be the case with Deepavali this year. Maybe we make sweets at home this year, instead of buying it from outside. But as long as we are healthy and safe, this is doable.

Here are a few ideas that can help you in enjoying Diwali to the fullest even with the ongoing pandemic.

1.      Share gifts online

You must stay safe this Diwali, so going from one house to another to exchange gifts or sweets is not a great idea. What you can do instead is to send gifts online. You can even parcel sweets using Swiggy or Uber eats, which is safe as long as you sanitize everything.

Buy gifts using Amazon or other online sites. If you do not wish to send any gifts during the pandemic, you can create Diwali cards using Canva’s Diwali greeting card making feature.

2.     Wear new clothes

Just because you are not going anywhere, doesn’t mean you cannot wear new clothes. Buy clothes from online fashion sites and wear festive clothes during the puja.

3.     Host a zoom party

Being cautious is the need of the hour. So, grand Diwali parties are a thing of the past. But you can host a grand zoom party. Decide on a time and invite all your close friends and family and blast some music and make a few snacks and enjoy a hearty meal together via the internet.

4.     Say no to crackers

This year it is even more crucial that you do not burst any crackers. The smoke from it will be problematic for people who have COVID or are recovering from it. Therefore, it is best to switch to sky lanterns. The sky would fill up with light and hope, and no animal or human would feel the after-effects of it.

5.     Follow customs

Just because you cannot lavishly enjoy Diwali, doesn’t mean you should not follow the customs. If you have kids, they would surely miss enjoying the festival with their cousins or friends. So, follow each custom, and do some fun activities as well.

For instance, you can include the kids in making rangoli or sweets or savoury snacks. When preparing the temple for the evening pooja, include the kids in every step so that even they can know how you celebrate Diwali.

6.     Do not forget to click photos

Dress up! I am telling you, again and again, to dress up nicely, no matter whether it is just you and your partner or you alone celebrating Diwali during the pandemic. Dress up for yourself and click pretty pictures and share in family groups. It is the least you all can do to feel like you are enjoying the festival together.

7.     Plant a tree

The need for fresh air is increasing day by day due to COVID infection. So, why not plant a sapling on the auspicious occasion of Diwali? It will bring fresh air and greenery to your surrounding while also bringing some positivity to your house.

8.     Avoid crowds

If you know someone who is having a grand celebration, do not go there. It is your responsibility to be safe for the sake of your families. Avoid all crowds!

9.     Make sweets at home

Try some festive sweets at home. It will be a fun activity that the whole family can do together via video chat. Also, give some sweets to charity or to poor people so that they can also enjoy the festival of lights.

The idea is to have a safe Diwali without compromising the traditions or safety of yourself or others. So, avoid crowds and crackers, but have the best of fun using these efficient tips.