Most affordable beach destinations in India

When most people plan a vacation, it is generally around a beach destination or in a place that has a major element of nature in it. India’s coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world and most online trip planners would prioritize beach destinations in their itineraries. The best part is that even the budgets for such places will not rise your blood pressure. Here is a list of best beach destinations in India which will only burn your golden skin and not your pockets:

  1. Goa
    The most famous beach destination of all times- Goa is not only frequented by Indians but by various foreigners as well. It is a beautiful destination with lovely beaches covering the entire state. While North Goa is filled with people and happening beaches, South Goa spells tranquility completely. There are plenty of houses converted into resorts which are completely affordable and even the food and alcohol do not pose to be a challenge in terms of finances. While you plan a vacation to Goa, you definitely can be pleased with the final sum and itinerary on the trip calculator that you are using.
  2. Ganpatipule
    Nestled beautifully amidst the lovely coastline of Maharashtra, Ganpatipule is perfect for family and affordable beach vacations. While a lot of trip planners would suggest this as an offbeat destination, Ganpatipule is actually one of the most serene beaches full of lively people. There are plenty of accommodation options around where you can stay and have a good time!
  3. Gokarna
    This one is perfect for adventure lovers and well as nature seekers. The beaches are untouched and beautiful and there are various water sports that you can undertake at this destination in Karnataka. Gokarna has a vibe which calls out to avid thrill seekers and serenity lovers alike. If you wish to have an extremely budget vacation, then Gokarna is definitely an option you must consider.
  4. Marari
    Looking for a little bit of Paradise in God’s own country? Well, Marari is no exception to the lovely sun kissed coastline beauty of Kerala. Situated in the Alleppey district, this is one destination which is still untouched by hoards of beach lovers. Apart from tranquility, it offers you unparallelled views of the horizon and is extremely affordable as well.

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  1. Kovalam
    Kovalam has come up to be one of the most famous beach wedding destinations in the country. With coconut trees providing you the perfect shade, Kovalam’s beauty lies in its beaches. The food here is also extremely delectable and since it is a tourist hot-spot, there are options for accommodation for every budget. All you need to do is book your tickets right away and avoid the monsoons to make the best of the lovely beaches located here.
  2. Havelock
    Andaman is definitely one of India’s lesser touched destinations. With Havelock Island providing the best of serenity that one can experience, there is no reason to not plan a trip to this lovely destination. Havelock offers you a perfect balance of affordability and authenticity. It is not only historically rich but also uniquely beautiful.
  3. Pondicherry
    Pondicherry is the best gift French could have given to India. The lovely little quaint union territory has such amazing beaches, that you will be confused which color to blend in. There are lovely French colorful houses, flavors of amazing food and the good old golden sand waiting to camouflage you in the colors of Pondicherry.
  4. Mahabalipuram
    Mahabalipuram is very famous for its amazing temples, but what is lesser known is that it is also a paradise for beach bums. Sure, you won’t spot bikini clad crowd sunbathing and adventure seekers going for water sports, but you will experience a kind of tranquility that you never have before! The best part is that the food and accommodation are extremely light on your pocket making it quite an affordable beach destination in India.