Shapewear to wear in your 40’s

Shapewear to wear in your 40’s

Most of us would not want to wear a shapewear in their daily life, but for a special occasion, when you want to look your best in a particular outfit and hide your lump and bump, the right shapewear can smooth your figure and make you look more confident.   

A good shapewear will enhance your body shape, smooth out the bulges and bumps and add a lift wherever needed. It will give a sleeker, smoother look to you without being uncomfortable. So, it should fit you snugly and not make you feel uncomfortable.

What is a good shapewear?

A shapewear does all it says! It is designed to give shape to your body and comes in one piece usually. It shapes your tummy, thighs, buttocks and back. You can also buy shapewear for special areas for instance, you can choose a piece which slims your belly but doesn’t go down to your thighs.

How to select a shapewear?

Before you check out some of the recommendations for body shapewear, here are some tips to help you choose the right one:

Which body part you want to concentrate on?

Well, think about your priorities. Know where do you need the helping hand for? Whether you want to smooth your belly and get rid of muffin top or want to slim down your thigh and hips?

What are going to wear it under?

Well, there are body shapers for daily wear as well as those for special occasions.

Loverbeauty has the most enormous collection of different types of shapewear for your body. Check out the list here:

Waist trainer: If you want a flat tummy and get an illusion of smaller waist, then choose a body shaper which stretches to your thighs. The best waist trainer is designed with or without bra and is made of breathable fabric so you can wear it even in summers.

Waist cincher: Another great option for you could be open bust bodysuit. If you want a body shaper which focuses more on your tummy, then this is it! It will flatten your midriff and reduce your waistline and back bulge. It also rectified your posture.

Tummy shaper: If you want to smooth your tummy and make your belly look sleeker, then tummy shaper is the right option for you. It smooth your belly part and works as a great option for those who don’t need support for bust.

Bodysuit: Bodysuit is a full-fledged shapewear which renders support to your body right from bust to the thigh. It offers support for your bust with underwire cups and smooth lines below your dress. It is a great undergarment and can be worn daily.     

 Shapewear cami: The shapewear cami is designed to slim your tummy, midsection and back giving you a more streamlined silhouette. It controls the extra fat in belly, bust, waist and back. You get smooth hip bulges, flat tummy, waist, bust and back.

Choose the right shapewear as per your body shape and place an order now.