According to many brides, choosing the wedding wear is a critical decision in one’s life. Your wedding dress sets the tone of the event and reflects your personality and style. It is not easy as there are certainly many options on your mind, not to mention that there is also a critical investment at stake to consider. On the other hand, just when you thought you found the perfect wedding dress, a family member or friend gets you questioning what you just found minutes ago.

Many brides intending to hold a beach wedding often find themselves between a rock and a hard place when choosing a wedding dress or a wedding bikini. If you plan to have your wedding in a sunny destination along a beach, then a wedding bikini is a must-have. You can choose to wear a wedding dress during the ceremony and transition into the wedding bikini during the reception party. But, here are tips to help you come to the right decision.

Get an expert opinion.

Bridal consultants and designers have a natural eye for style and experience to help brides choose the perfect wedding dress. You can consult a bridal shop or wedding gown designer on what style best suits you for your big day. Getting the opinion of an expert outside of your family or friend circle helps you get an unbiased view. A wedding gown designer has worked with many brides before and can help you find out what design suits you best.

Consider your shape

It’s easy to fall in love with a particular style you saw on Pinterest or in a wedding magazine, but you need to ask yourself one question. Will that style or shape suit your body type? Or are there any of your outfits with that kind of style, and how does it make you look? Use what already exists in your wardrobe to help you identify the best style or design that flatters your body shape. For instance, if most of your summer outfits are shift dresses, a sheath gown might work for you.

Consider your bridesmaids

If you choose to wear a wedding bikini at your wedding, it means that your bridesmaids get to wear bikinis as well. It is wise to consider their opinions too. Ideally, wedding dresses are preferable, considering that flower girls should be dressed demurely to bring out their feminine side. Here, you need to consider the setting of the event. Church weddings require a little more coverage, while sexy and chic wedding wear is perfect for beach weddings. Assess the pros and cons of every style, reflect on how each makes you feel, and make a decision based on that.

Picture your whole wedding look

Revisit each style and try it on with all the necessary accessories, including the heels. Compare every look, pick your favorites, then narrow down your options. With a list of the features you prefer, it will be easy to decide.

Trust your guts

If you would like to bring on something new, go for it. It is about revealing how you feel about your wedding day. You can also go for a custom outfit or have two options to surprise your wedding guests.

The last thought

If you are unsure of what style works best for you, rely on expert advice. Also, go for what you love as it is your day.