Looking Wow on Your Wedding: A Guide When Choosing the Perfect Dress

Looking Wow on Your Wedding: A Guide When Choosing the Perfect Dress

Planning a wedding is exhausting, but beyond those many hours of choosing the best elements for that perfect event is the fun of looking through photos of wedding dresses. This is one of the most exciting parts of the entire planning. After all, the focal piece of any wedding look is the dress, accentuated with the right makeup, hairstyle, shoes, bouquet, and custom jewelry you got in Salt Lake City.

Many women have the idea of what they want their wedding dresses to look like, but it’s not always easy to find the right fit. We all have different body types, so what looks good on the catalog may not translate that well in real life. Without proper preparations, you might end up spending hours in several bridal gown salons completely clueless about what you should be looking for in the first place.

To not turn this exciting part of wedding planning into a nightmare, here’s a simple guide to help you maximize your time and find the most perfect dress that truly reflects your style and personality:

Don’t let bridal sizing dampen your confidence

Wedding gowns have different sizing systems, so when you try on a potential wedding dress, you’ll realize that your gown’s number will more often than not be one or two sizes higher than your regular clothes. This may sound horrifying at first, but it’s pretty normal. Don’t let it bring you down. After all, there’s no one else who’ll ever find out your number but you and your dress consultant. Choose the size you’re most comfortable in.

You don’t need a huge entourage with you

You’ve seen all those fun chick flicks showing a bride-to-be with all of her best girl friends having fun in a bridal gown salon with a bottle of champagne trying on several dresses and taking photos. That might have been your dream scenario, but unfortunately, what happens in the movies don’t happen in real life.

Taking a big group when you go gown shopping isn’t ideal. Just take a couple of your best gal pals with you (or your sisters and cousins) to help choose the right dress. Make sure that one of them has a good eye for taking photos and will help you take a few from several angles so you’ll know how the dress looks on you. When you don’t have a big entourage with you, you won’t feel the pressure of having so many opinions about which dress to get.

Move around once you’ve put on the dresses

Remember that on your wedding day, you won’t simply be sitting around and be all comfortable. You’ll have to constantly stand, mingle with guests, dance with your dad and new husband, and be overall busy. As you’re trying on all the dresses, move around a little and see if you’re comfortable in it on your big day. Keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort just to look stylish. You can have both.

Have fun trying on all the beautiful dresses you can get your hands into, and don’t let all the stress of wedding planning rain on your parade.

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