Perfect Looks for a beach wedding!

Perfect Looks for a beach wedding!

There is something about the sound of waves and the feel of sand beneath your feet that makes weddings a lot more auspicious than they are. When you say “I do” with the sun shining down your back and the breeze blowing your hair the moment becomes magical. The craze of beach weddings is on the rise and if you have RSVP-ed to one such wedding then you’ll need to plan a perfect outfit for it.

This blog is going to help you pick out something exotic and playful for the day because a beach affair is unlike any ordinary wedding and that’s exactly how your outfit should be.

1. A beach wedding calls for a summery vibe. Try and avoid solid colours and heavy sleeves. Opt for flowy and breezy stuff, go for lace or tulle fabrics. This princess tulle belted tube dress is subtle with a hint of sexy. The perfect choice to flaunt your collar bones and those tan legs. The dual toned tulle belt is lined with jewels and is detachable. So it you wish you can accessorize this tube dress with any of your other statement belts. Complete the look with womens pumps or strappy heels.

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2. For a beach wedding your outfit choice needs to be a bit breezy and a bit bold. These embellished fishnets by Kerry Parker will help you to do both, that too gorgeously. Fishnet tights are the epitome of eccentric, they are super sexy and go well with everything. If you wish to show some skin this is the best way. There are way too many options to choose from, embellished fishnets have just garnered the attention they deserve. The fashion industry sure seems to be in love.

Since the ceremony will probably be during the day I suggest you go for white or nude tights against black. Pair this with a pastel dress quite above the knee or a high slit skirt in lighter tones and ivory bralette. Finish it off with finesse with a pair of Mimosa butterfly flutter womens pumps.


3. So I found this Floral Fantasy Bralette online and it has been my fantasy ever since. It’s an ivory hued marvel with noodle straps and a sweet heart neckline, pair it with a high waisted tulle skirt. You can experiment with the colour of your skirt because the bralette has been embellished with multitoned handmade blossoms. It would look best styled with the Blue Lagoon Floral Embellished womens pumps.


4. Statement Belts are life savers. They amp up the simplest of outfits. If your simple choice happens to be a slip dress then you are in luck. Kerry Parker’s statement belts happen to include the most breathtaking belt ever. The scalloped floral embellished belt in the shade of white or yellow paired with a slip dress will be the most elegant and awe inspiring wedding look ever! You can accessorize it with pearl hoops or a delicate hand bracelet and you are good to go.