Trends 2018: Wedding Dresses

We have collected main wedding dress trends, which are waiting for you in the upcoming season. Therefore, if you are planning a wedding in 2018, you will be able to choose the trend that is most suitable for you.

Airy Dresses

Airy dresses have been at the peak of their popularity for several seasons. The general tendency to naturalness is manifested not only in decor, but also in the image of the bride, who looks very light and natural in such dress. Gossamer fabrics make the image airy, which is ideal for spring and summer brides.

Open Shoulders and Deflated Sleeves

This image will look sensual, being at the same time classically elegant and gracefully. Dresses made of tulle or translucent chiffon look the best as these materials do not make the design heavier and give it airiness.

Minimalism + Black Accents

Strict and restrained minimalism is suitable for bold and bright brides who adore loft and urban-chic styles. In the 2018 season, black details will become a special accent of minimalistic dresses. The black skirt may be too much for you, but a thin black strap or ribbons, echoing with ribbons in the bouquet, will suit even very conservative brides. This high-contrast detail is an easy way to add zest to any white dress.

Pastel Shades

Dresses of the most delicate shades are gaining a huge popularity. The pristine white color fades into the background, giving the palm of victory to a more natural and gentle tone: baby pink, peach, pink, etc. Gray-brown, gray-blue and beige are presented in all the collections of the 2018 season.

Original Cutouts on the Back

The emphasis on the back is always associated with charm and refinement. The cutout can be both real and false, decorated with a fine knitted net, so that the dress could keep the shape. Jewelry made of beads or pearls will be a perfect addition. These cutouts look the best on the dresses of airy and fitting styles. But it is worth remembering that in this outfit you cannot stoop. The back should remain flawlessly straight.

Long Sleeves

This option will emphasize the brittle image of the bride and make it more noble and elegant. Depending on the material from which the sleeves are made, they can be suitable for a wide variety of styles: for example, to become part of a retro image, if they are made from chiffon, silk, satin, or a detail of a glamorous tight dress, if they are made from lace.

Victorian Style

This dress style is ideal for romantic brides, who are close to the style of the Shakespeare era. Wide shoulders, pearls and lace, deliberately long flowing sleeves, collars, multi-layer transparent fabrics -in this season vintage looks as luxurious and bohemian as never before.