4 Enchanting Ideas To Inspire Your Wedding Cake

When it comes to wedding cakes, there are simply endless ideas. There is plenty of inspiration out there, whether you want a traditional white cake or something with a more daring theme. In order to prepare for your big day, you need to know how well you can incorporate these different ideas to create a unique cake that’s perfect for you.

To get you started here are four enchanting ideas for your wedding cake. Before you sit down with your wedding cake baker and go through a catalogue of designs, check out these enchanting ideas for some inspiration.

Whimsical Forest Theme

Your love for the wild can be an inspiration for your wedding cake. Vegetation is one of the most beautiful aspects of nature, and you can incorporate floral themes and colour schemes in your cake.

Your cake designer should be able to transform the beauty of nature into an even more beautiful cake with romantic decor as well. If you are not sure whether you require an entirely forest-themed cake, you could ask for inclusion of the theme here and there. Vegetation-like roses, petals or even leaves will do that perfectly. Then you can also let the season inspire the theme your cake as well.

A Perfectly Classic Cake

There is a reason why many couples still prefer to stick with a classic white iced cake. White icing and tiers have become deeply associated with wedding cake designs and for good reason. These cakes are simply timeless.

Some inspiring details for classic cakes include keeping it simple with a few icing ribbons, getting complex with gravity-defying suspension cakes, or opting for an intricate hand-painted cake design. You could also request a checkered pattern to highlight different tiers of the cake as well.

Every bride gets to be a princess on their wedding day, so your wedding shouldn’t be an exception. So, if you’d like a fairy-tale theme for your cake just ask your baker!

There are many countless twists you can choose to make your classic cake unique.


Romance is an intrinsic part of any wedding. So, it is the perfect inspiration for your wedding cake.  Wedding cake bakers in Milton Keynes and designers always try to include romance in the cake.

Picture a cake with pink accents that features figurines of the bride and groom atop the cake, or perhaps a cake with handwritten love notes. Nothing spells romance more than adding personal pieces or mementoes of the bride and groom’s most treasured memories.


Cupcakes are a fun modern adaption to the traditional wedding cake. Many couples choose to have a smaller wedding cake atop tiers of wedding cupcakes. This makes it easier for the guests to partake in the wedding cake as there is no need to cut it for every guest. The best part is, you can incorporate any theme you would like for a wedding cake into your wedding cupcakes as well!