5 Style Tips For Your Outdoor Wedding’s Porta Potties

5 Style Tips For Your Outdoor Wedding’s Porta Potties

There are an abundance of reasons to have an outdoor wedding, most of which Mother Nature herself provides, like lush scenery, a cool breeze, fresh air, and sun-drenched lighting. But there is one thing Mother Nature doesn’t bring to your big day—a place to go when nature calls. Luckily, there are a variety of portable restroom rentals available from companies like Mr. John. Worried that your rental may clash with the rest of your dream wedding’s ambiance? Here are five ways to bring your theme to your portable restroom.

  1. Lighten Up the Lighting

Even if your wedding is during the day and the rental gets adequate light, mood lighting can make all the difference. String decorative, battery-operated lights around the ceiling for a simple boost. Have some counter space? Add fairy lights to a mason jar to make things even more cozy.

  1. Say It with Soap

Whether your rental has a sink inside or you create a hand-washing station nearby, people need soap. What better way to tie your wedding theme in than with custom bars in your theme’s colors, complete with monograms of either the date or you and your beloved’s initials.

  1. Help Guests See the Sign

No matter the size of your wedding, chances are you’ll have at least two restroom rentals. Whether you’re separating them between kids and adults, men and women, bride and groom guests, or another way, decorative signs are a great addition and a fun way to showcase your personality. Do you two love music? Spell it out in inexpensive guitar picks. Have a passion for Instagram? Use strategically placed pictures. Love nature? Craft them using pliable flower petals and stems.

  1. Camouflage It

Sometimes, no matter how much you decorate it, you just don’t want a restroom front and center at your wedding. Invest in some room separators, a few feet of fence, or a couple of trellises (extra points if you weave artificial ivy through each trellis) and block the rentals from view.

  1. Give It Some Space

Avoid long waiting lines outside the restroomsà lamusic festival or fair and instead create a waiting area nearby enough to see when people exit, but far enough away to provide privacy for everyone. Add a canopy, outdoor rug, and some chairs to keep waiting guests comfortable. Worried about, “No, I was here first” arguments? Create a number system that can be as simple as plain strips of paper or as sweet as heart-shaped numbered chocolates.

Now that you know how to decorate your outdoor wedding’s restrooms, learn how to plan every other part of your big day from the pros at How Wedding!