How To Escape The Hidden Costs Of Wedding Venues

It is about that time of the year when securing Anaheim wedding venues is never an easy process because everyone seems to be wedding or attending a wedding! Truth be told: weddings are expensive, no matter how meticulously they are planned for. If you are getting married soon, try to learn from mistakes made by newlyweds and ask for as much advice as you can to avoid incurring unnecessary costs of hiring the venue or vendors. You don’t want your big day to be ruined by surprise charges.

Take care of the small expenses

It is the small things that make up big things. Do not be surprised when small things such as furniture and restrooms become your next big expenses which never occurred to you before hiring a venue. Or worse yet, the caterers and wedding photographers suddenly raise their cost by 100%! So, look out for the smallest things such as lighting if you will be wedding outdoors. These extra costs have a way of sneaking up because most of them are absolutely necessary. Most venues provide the public address system but in some situations, you are expected to find high-voltage mechanisms. Some venues charge higher if you employ vendors outside their pre-approved list. However, even the approved vendors come with additional costs. Then, there is the time aspect. Extending the occasion past the allotted period of time can cost you more. Even the MC, DJ, photographers, and caterers could ask for an overtime payment.

The biggest hidden expenses

Taxes and gratuity might seem infinitesimal but when the reception costs thousands of dollars, these minor expenses pile up fast. That’s why you must check whether the quoted cost includes the tax otherwise you might find yourself paying extra thousands if you used cash to pay for the venue. It is not uncommon for gratuities to be included in vendor and venue quotes. Be sure to check the details of the quote up to the end of the fine print.

The other areas that might come with hidden costs include demolitions, cleanups, preps, and set-ups. It is important that you ask about these details if they are not included in the contract. If you have friends and family who can volunteer their services, then you would cut out a lot of expenses.

Photos can also carry some hidden fees if you don’t plan ahead of time with the photographer concerning how many photos must be included. Don’t forget that these tiny + signs can add up to almost 50% of the base cost.

If you though a lifetime commitment is the only scary thing about a wedding, wait until you meet the hidden costs of the occasion. But there is always a solution for this. Review thoroughly the permits, payment plan fees, and damage deposits before you hire hidden treasures banquet hall.