How to Plan your Wedding on your Own

How to Plan your Wedding on your Own

Planning a wedding can be costly, and sometimes hectic; therefore, you may not have any plan to budget for it. However, you shouldn’t worry because the internet and numerous magazines offer tips on how to plan your wedding. As long as you remain calm, organized and focused, you will never lack an avenue guiding you on your wedding plans. The following tips can help you organize your dream wedding.

Keep Records

Ensure your to-do lists have all details required for a successful wedding. You can also browse through the internet to pick any essentials you might have forgotten to include in your list. To remain organized, create a folder in your inbox to help in tracking all wedding emails. Similarly, create a desktop folder to save vendor proposals as well as invitation drafts.

Online free tools

The best thing about going online is that you can access numerous free tools to help you with wedding planning tips. This is important especially if your budget cannot cater for expenses like hiring professional help. Online free tools for wedding planning can help you just the same way as the paid ones. You’ll be able to set and maintain your budget, keep time and remain updated during your wedding period.

Ensure your to-do list is accessible no matter your location

You should keep and access your to-do-list on any laptop or mobile phone as long as you have the internet. On the contrary, a paper to-do list isn’t advisable since you may end up having a nervous breakdown in case you misplace it while shopping for the wedding. You may even spill coffee on the paper and that’s it! The whole details gone.

Do your research

If you want to avoid disappointments, never settle for the first offer when booking vendors or any other wedding decision. You have to research thoroughly, and compare prices and packages then you can start the bargaining process.

Seek advice from other brides

Reaching out to other brides or women who have gone through wedding tussles could be a great way to start. Married women, and brides to be can give tips that will kill your loneliness, and smoothen your planning process. Besides, you can join various communities online to see what’s happening on the wedding message boards. You can also find a community of people to chat with on online wedding message boards. However, if you feel overwhelmed, you can divide tasks to family members or your bridal party.


Having a successful wedding requires lots of effort from the bride, and the bridegroom in terms of budgeting, and running around. But what both parties forget is the importance of taking care of oneself during the hectic process. Taking time off to practice yoga can help one relax and gain focus on other tasks ahead. You can even prepare for the great day by planning for an aerial silk show for your wedding that will entertain your guests.