Looking at the Best Wedding Locations in Mexico

Mexico is a diverse country, and much like its northern neighbor it offers a stunning array of different environments, ecosystems, and cultures within its borders. There are many places in this historic country that are renowned for their history, friendliness, and beauty, but the news coverage of the last few years (like if often does) often scares people by focusing on the bad and ignoring the overwhelmingly good.

The good news is that most of Mexico is safe, beautiful, and the nation has an overabundance of amazing places to hold your dream wedding.

#1: Cancun

Long seen as one of the most popular resorts in all of Mexico, this tourist-friendly city features stunning beaches, and overabundance of true luxury hotels on the coast. This is in addition to multiple luxury hotels built right on both public and private islands that are off the coast from the main city and include famous resorts that attract visitors (and wedding parties) from around the world.

Just a short list of famous luxury resorts that are very wedding friendly include: Beach Palace Cancun, Cancun Queen, Mandala Beach Club Cancun, & Live Aqua Cancun.

For couples looking for that special unforgettable get-away there is an abundance of top notch options.

#2: Isla Mujeres

Located an easy water taxi ride away from Cancun, Isla Mujeres is a combination of secluded luxury and a truly laid back and easy-going vacation experience that has made this little gem a true hidden diamond in the rough that travelers have raved lovingly about for decades. Featuring a handful of true luxury hotels on the coast, this is a great way to have the wedding of your dreams transition smoothly into an enjoyable, relaxing, and low key honeymoon right afterwards to really start married life relaxed and right.

Isla Mujeres offers a truly unique experience that you are rarely going to find elsewhere especially when it comes to combining high end luxury with a laid back and relaxing day to day easy-going experience.

#3: Los Cabos

Beautiful desert, stunning white sand beaches, incredible Pacific Ocean sunsets, and only a few hours’ flight from San Diego or Los Angeles, there’s a lot to love about Los Cabos – and a reason why it is so popular of celebrities, the wealthy, and travelers who appreciate the luxury life while on vacation.

Located at the end of Baja California, Los Cabos as a general area is safe, beautiful, and offers a wide variety of different hotels and looks as well as being a great central location to check out local neighborhoods or popular vacation regions that are all close by like Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo.

#4: Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas has long held a reputation as one of the truly special places in Mexico, and the easy access from southern California makes it one of the best spots in Baja California. Stunning beaches, top notch resorts, and truly idyllic scenery make it easy to create an unforgettable vacation in almost any setting. If you’re looking for the place that just looks like the proper setting for a dream wedding, Cabo San Lucas passes the grade as one of the top destinations.

Even more remarkable in this location are the luxury hotels and popular wedding settings that are very unique in a way you just won’t find elsewhere. A prime example of this if you’re looking at a dream Cabo San Lucas wedding would be The Resort at Pedregal, a 96 room private luxury hotel that is accessible via only one road, that is “secret,” and winds through a mountain.

Talk about setting the scene!

#5: San Jose del Cabo

Smaller than the Cabo San Lucas area or Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo is a remarkable option that is going to be higher end. The upper level options at San Jose del Cabo are going to be a bit pricey so it is important to make sure anything here features your budget but if you can afford it you are in for a truly wonderful wedding experience!

Featuring fun bon fires on private beaches, Michelin chef level cuisine, and the type of beautiful beaches and top notch luxury hotel services that you would expect from a high end beach resort. If budget isn’t an issue the One & Only Palmilla is famous for being a favorite of celebrities and the wealthy alike for an unforgettable experience.

#6: Yucatan Coast (Riviera Maya)

Some people don’t necessarily imagine a white sand beach as their ideal dream wedding destination, and that doesn’t rule out a great Mexican location. The Yucatan of Mexico not only offers amazing historical sites and fantastic tourist options, but the Riviera Maya in particular is a long stretch of coast combining a quieter yet no less beautiful beach life that includes jungles, mangroves, and a wide array of exotic wildlife.

This allows an incredible array of hotels, scenery, and a much wider swath of options for the wedding party and guests. Whatever look you want, whatever fits a more complete exotic dream vacation, this can be wrapped in with some incredible pictures for the big day of the bride’s dream wedding – and you can often do so at a more competitive price off of the overly well known and popular beach destinations off of Cancun or Baja California.

Many Incredible Options Available

This just begins to scratch the surface of the many fantastic options that are available for couples who are looking to tie the knot in sunny Mexico. Whether you’re looking at the Caribbean side or the Pacific side, there are a stunning number of options available. This not only includes other areas not mentioned in the top 6 here but also a wide array of options within each of these single locations.

Mexico is an amazingly beautiful county and there will be no shortage of great options. Whether your budget is unlimited, or you want luxury at a middle-class price for that special occasion, there are many fantastic options that will be available to make that day a truly special one.