Original Ideas for Wedding Cakes

The concept of wedding cakes surpasses mere ideology. The fact that this age-long tradition has a symbolic significance to any wedding means that there is more to it than fun and games.  Wedding cakes are a part of weddings just as fireworks are a part of the Fourth of July celebrations.

Wedding cakes are what gets admired as guests walk into the reception hall and it is also what your guests use to sweeten their taste-buds at the end of the meal. Thus, it is advisable to make a very good choice when deciding on what cakes to present at your wedding because it is the centerpiece in any wedding ceremony.  Plus, you want the wedding cake to really stand out with the wedding cake toppers in the wedding photos!

Furthermore, with times changing it is also time to say goodbye to the old boring traditional style wedding cakes. Many grooms and brides are looking for more unique and original features to include in their wedding and that includes different designs, music, cakes, menus and other ways of breaking the traditions.

We all know what traditional wedding cakes look like and it can be agreed that they can be boring most of the times. But anyone can have a unique and unconventional design without the huge amounts of decoration and the fluffy pink icing on the top with the couple dancing. We can all recall the picture, but what if this design does not at all match the style of your wedding? Are there any ways to approach wedding cakes a different way? Of course there are! Here are some simple tips to help you find the right style and design depending on your budget and taste.

1.Different taste
You do not have to choose the traditional fruitcake base, you can go for a more unique taste, depending on how your guests will be able to appreciate it, it can be chocolate, black forest or as a healthy alternative: carrot cake.

2.Different shape
You do not have to use the simple square or round shape, you can order a cake in heart shape, get a house or your favorite building featured in the cake. Just make sure the design is not going to prevent you from cutting the cake neatly.

3.Cakes with a theme

You can opt to get your wedding cake with a theme, such as a beach themed wedding cake. A beach scene wedding cake can add some amount of spark and creativity to the wedding ceremony.

4.Photos instead of the small figurines
Not everybody is a great fan of Groom and Bride figurines. The truth is that they never look like real, and there is no way to connect them to the real couple. But you can order a cake icing with the couple’s photo on, or even better: you can include your immediate family in the picture.

5.Love quote
You can get a love quote printed in the icing of the cake, and when cutting the cake you will be able to make the moment more memorable by reading out your favorite love poem loud. This can create a great atmosphere.

6.Why one cake?
Instead of having one cake that is a hard work to cut up anyway, why not to have a few smaller or even miniature cakes on each table?

There are many ways a modern couple can make a wedding unique. Starting with the location, the program and the music, there are plenty of creative ideas that can be used. But, ordering unique, unconventional wedding cakes is one of the best ways couples can express their creativity.