Top 5 Fun Bonding Activities for the Bride and the Bridesmaids

Your wedding day is not just a special day for you as the bride. Your bridesmaids are excited for your big day too. These girls have witnessed how you and the groom initially fell in love with each other until you both decided to make it official. They have been with you even before the wedding, during you bridal shower and are involved in other things in between.

When Your Bridesmaids Don’t Really Know Each Other Well

Typically, as you choose your bridesmaids for your big day, you will think about those ladies who are closest to your heart. They can be the girls you grew up with, or the closest classmates and workmates you have. These girls may not necessarily really know each other well. In some cases, the bridesmaids have not even meet each other until before the wedding day.

This should not hinder the girls from bonding with each other though. Having bridesmaids who all will get along well on your wedding day should make your big day more meaningful and fun.

Looking for ways you and your bridesmaids could bond before your wedding day? Here are some tips that are definitely worth a try:

  1. Make Use of the Social Media

Set up a Facebook page or group and invite all your bridesmaids. This is particularly applicable if your girls are spread out and coming from far places. In the meantime that you are not able to have the girls physically meet each other, you can introduce them through a virtual meet and greet session via Internet.

  1. Ask Your Girls for a Lunch Date

If your girls are just in town, you can schedule a lunch out with girls prior to your wedding. Conversations are always better with good food as company, so take advantage of this lunch date so your girls will get to know each other more.

  1. Let them Get Involved in DIY Crafts for Your Wedding

Need help for your DIY wedding favors or invitations? Why not ask your girls to combine their girl powers for these crafts? It will be a great way for them to bond and get your wedding essentials done.

  1. Invite Your Girls for a Movie Night

Another way for your girls to get together is by inviting them for a movie night where you can talk all night other than watching the movie.

  1. Get the Girls Together for Your Bachelorette Party

Take advantage of your Bachelorette Party and incorporate activities where your girls can get to know each other more. You can have customized robes for bridesmaids that your girls can wear for the party and set the mood up for a glamorous party.

Your wedding is one of the grand events of your life. And, the last you would want to worry about is how you entourage, particularly your bridesmaids can get along. These activities should help you and your girls do activities together and make fun memories that you all will cherish years after your wedding day.