A Wedding in Vegas Can Be Quick and Inexpensive-Here’s How

Las Vegas might contrive huge spending, glamour, luxury and angelic entertainment, but not many know a wedding in Vegas doesn’t need to be expensive if you’re working on a budget. On average, a wedding in the United States is an expensive affair between $37,000 and $40,000. It’s the reason lots of couples are looking for a less expensive alternative. While budgeting for a wedding, couples commonly calculate everything from the venue, wedding day activities and honeymoon. As a result, the cost can hit the roof and take away some joy from your big day.

If working under a budget and wedding cost is an issue for whatever reason, Las Vegas offers a unique and fabulous option. Vegas takes care of people with any budget whether thousands of dollars to just a few hundreds.

Wedding at a moment’s notice

If you don’t have time or just want to get married immediately you jet in, Las Vegas is the place. Customlasvegasweddings.com is a wedding company that plans Las Vegas weddings at a moment’s notice. They assist in planning small quick events to mid-size individualized wedding events.

Getting married fast and with minimum hustle and fuss happens daily in Las Vegas. It’s actually the reason most elopers arrive in the city and get married easily and fast due to the ease of having an elopement in Vegas. With just a few guests and little planning you can be married in minutes of arrival in Vegas.

Wedding Planner: Working with an experienced and reliable wedding planner for your wedding in Vegas can really help. They do diverse functions and services such as offering minimal assistance to fully coordinating the entire wedding event. A wedding planner has networks allowing you to access cheaper home events, affordable restaurant locations allowing outside vendors and small unique locations, among others.

Clearly, a wedding in Vegas doesn’t have to be extravagant if you don’t want it to be. Simply come up with a list of critical items, use a wedding planner, connect with vendors for hires and price quotes, review prices from vendors and have a firm budget in place. You can then be sure to look back and wonder how you pulled it through with such a little budget far away from home in a dazzling city.

Why elopers and time-strapped couples love a Vegas wedding

Entertainment 24/7: Modern marriages have a budget for entertainment and can be a hustle finding the perfect balance anytime you want one. But that’s not an issue in Vegas! The city is a fun place for wedding where partying hardly stops. Entertainment is always on the table any day and wedding celebrations and partying can go for days or all night.

Zero accommodation headaches: In Vegas, all manner of resorts are in service virtually all year round offering fantastic accommodation. Most accommodation is spacious and can double as reception for an event. You can do your wedding in Vegas overlooking amazing city spectacles with lots of space to entertain guests. If working on a budget a resort is perfect especially if you want an affordable ceremony, quality celebration and amazing honeymoon thereafter.

Spending variations work for everyone: Wedding in Vegas offer gigantic cost variations that any couple no matter their budget is well catered for. For instance, a wedding including both ceremony and space can be a mere $500 for those looking for a unique wedding that’s nothing they’ve ever attended. Those with guests can budget between $2000 and $3000 for a highly satisfying, stress-free wedding event with all embellishments of a nuptial threaded in.

Vegas wedding essentials

Since you can get married in Vegas with virtually any kind of budget and immediately you jet in, it’s highly important to understand the essentials.  Each couple has their own wedding requisites but almost every couple requires almost the same kind of items.

Nuptial ceremony essentials:  These include the ceremony officiant, permit fee for the wedding location, ceremony music and the marriage license. Note that your hotel accommodation can also be a wonderful place to host both the ceremony and reception. Actually, wedding in Vegas hotel and travel packages are offered all the time. Check them before you arrive to cut on cost.  Make arrangements with the officiant or individual performing the ceremony with the cost determined by expertise and experience. You also need a marriage license for a Vegas wedding. Obtain the license from the marriage bureau prior to the wedding and present it to your ceremony officiant. Marriage license costs about $77 and you can pre-apply online at the official website of the clerk. And yes, a marriage in Las Vegas is legal and recognized globally.

Wedding attire: As you plan your wedding in Vegas incorporate the type of dress, shoes, tux, makeup and hair and other wedding accessories in your budget.  Rather than bring your own attire for instance, elopers can just make plans online to rent a beautiful gown and superb tux in Vegas cheaply.  For makeup and hair simply do your own or hire a mobile makeup and hair specialists in the city to come and spoil you inside your room.

Video and photos: For future memories of you wedding in Vegas and sharing the highlights with friends and grandchildren later in life you need photos and video. In your checklist include engagement photos, wedding day video and photos, prints and album, among others.  Las Vegas has lots of videographers and photographers and their prices vary a lot; you can get one within your budget.

Ceremony and flowers: On the material big day you need to factor in bride’s bouquet, ring pillow, throw petals, grooms boutonniere and flower girl baskets, among others. Since flowers differ and are seasonal, they can be costly if you don’t plan beforehand. Compare prices and request quotes from more than one vendor to find what you need and within your budget.

Extra costs: Other checklists to include are transport, entertainment, announcements, hotel accommodations, alcohol, food, reception and party gifts or favors.  If your wedding in Vegas include offering guests food factor in $20-$50 per person. Hotels in Vegas actually offer reception buffets fit for a wedding ceremony and allow outside cake delivery as well. Wedding ceremonies can also take place on their ground if you make the request. Having the reception and ceremony in the same place could save you a lot.

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