6 Space Saving Hangers For Your Closet

6 Space Saving Hangers For Your Closet

Are you struggling with space in your closet for bulky winter coats and accessories? Well a complete remodel or installing expensive accessories isn’t the solution. Read this article, you will get to k now about space saving hangers that will definitely take up minimal space in your closet.

Space Saving Hangers For Your Wardrobe

If you are a fashionista person and troubling with closet space, surprisingly you don’t have to invest a large sum in remodeling. Instead, choosing the right space saving hanger can create enough extra space in your closet. Below, is the list of space saving hangers that will not only give your closet a new look but also allow more clothes, shoes, bags and accessories to fit in.

 IMHO 6 Tier Pants / Trousers Hangers

My first choice for space saving in closet is Tier vertically hangers. You can easily hang up to 6 pairs of pants or trousers on one hanger. Imagine how much room a 6 tier IMHO hanger can create. The durability and designs of these hangers make sure you can hang your heaviest jeans or trousers without a sweat.

Tier pants hangers not only hold your jeans or trouser, you can use it multipurpose such as scarves, ties or belts.

Suit Hangers

The next space saving hanger is ultra slim suit hanger. The slim profile of these hangers makes sure you can utilize maximum space of your closed. The swivel hook of these clothes hangers makes easy to rotate the hanger. You can hang your jackets, pants along with other hanging accessories on one hanger.

Chrome Hangers

Chrome hangers are best for your heaviest clothes. These space saving hangers made with durable steel. The slim profile of these hangers only required a very little space in your closet. They little bit looks a like wire hanger but strong yet stylish then tradition wire hanger.

5 Inch Boot Hangers

Next space saving hanger in our list is 5 inch boot hangers. The floor of your wardrobe is often cluttered and disorganized. With this hanger you can clip your shoes in your closet. This will give you extra space at floor to store containers or other accessories.

Swivel Hanger

If your closet is really small, then there is an amazing space saving hanger Swivel hanger available Up to eighteen items can be hanged at the same time from ties to scarves, pants to bets. Whatever you need swivel hanger can hold it.

Scarf Hanger

In winters, scarves are the fashion symbol. Instead of shaving into drawers, you can use space saving scarf hangers. Eleven holes scarf hanger is a great tool in your belt to look after your fashion statement. With this you can hang your all scarves in one single hanger. Isn’t it amazing?


There are tons of hangers available that can save space, but still for your new shopping there isn’t enough space. Investing in space savinghangers is only good if alongside you practice organizing your closet to get maximum space.

The truth remains, for small wardrobe there is no better investment than space saving hangers.