4 Reasons Why Wedding Rings Matter The Most In Ceremonies

4 Reasons Why Wedding Rings Matter The Most In Ceremonies

No matter the shape, style, size, or price of a wedding band, the presence of one on you and your spouse’s fingers speaks volumes about the strength of your commitment to one another. While the rings themselves come in an endless variety, the message which they convey is always the same: I respect, and I love my partner every single day of my life.

From Ceremony to Daily Life

The physical act of placing the wedding ring onto your spouse’s ring finger during the marriage ceremony is a significant moment of ritualistic expression of the vows. Common commitments made during the ceremony center around lifelong faithfulness, dedication, and acceptance between partners. We all know that the bond and responsibility of marriage lasts much, much longer than the wedding does. Wearing your wedding ring daily is a continuation of that profound act wherein you promise yourself to your partner in the role of devoted spouse.

Reminder to Yourself

One of the most evident wedding rings facts is that it sits in full view of the wearer constantly. The visual of this physical manifestation of your marriage serves as a steady voice encouraging you to ensure that your daily actions are reflecting the status of your spouse. Every decision and every motion need to be centered on the person who exchanged rings with you in ceremony. Over the years, routine and comfort can dull the value that everyday action holds in respect to our marriages. Let the ring be a point of redirection, reminding you that every move you make needs to be in the best interest of your relationship with your spouse.

Declaration to Others

A wedding ring is as prominent to others as it is to the wearer. Without it, one is a sending the message that they are readily available to make romantic and/or sexual connections with others. It shows a great deal of respect to your spouse to proudly state daily that you are physically and emotionally committed to only them. Not only does wearing your wedding band signify unavailability, it also expresses that you actively care enough about protecting your marriage to be very public about it. Of course, the presence of wedding bands will not always deter others, however it does send a strong nonverbal message, even if you two did meet on an international dating website like BeHappy2Day.

In addition to the adults that you interact with, your children also are receiving a message from the presence of you and your spouse’s rings. Hopefully, they are witnessing the expression of secure and powerful love through your mutual daily behaviors. However, they also notice the rings and they are learning what those rings symbolize for their own futures.

Choosing Not to Wear On

A lot of wedding rings facts focus on what it signifies to wear one, but the reverse side should be addressed as well. While some may state that it is simply a personal choice not to wear a wedding band despite being married, based on inconvenience or discomfort, many believe that there are subconscious motives which drive that decision. The seemingly subtle act of forgoing the ring speaks to feelings of disconnect from your partner. Whether or not one is aware of the specific reasons or desires, absence of a display of marriage symbolizes the presence of marital doubt.