Best Tips That Will Help You Choose The Right Guest Book For Your Wedding Day!

A wedding guest book can be useful in many different ways for newly married couple. Apart from just capturing interesting memories of wedding, it can be the best way to recall and cherish the ones that come to the wedding. It can indeed become important piece of the personal memorabilia for home.

Since a guest book is so important for the wedding, it is essential to choose one that is right for your wedding and not the one with just a bland or standard design. After all, the book will only remain forever with you!

So, to help you guide through the selection process of a guestbook that can be best for your wedding among ample of choices, the following pointers are just for you. Read on to decide the right one for your wedding!


Personalized wedding guestbook is definitely going to attract the visitors with its unique design. It can indeed be a great way to add your own taste and style to it. The following are the major ways to personalized it!

  • Embossed Personalization

Heat embossing actually presses letters in the guestbook’s cover and it can be gold, silver, or blind. This is a permanent personalization that looks sharp on guestbook cover. It is a combination of modern style and traditional elegance!

  • Other types of personalization

There are even other standard personalization styles, right from standard printed designs, to customized cover pages, as well as monogrammed covers. Custom guest books have their own unique personalization types in original style.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetics of your guestbook will play a major role in the selection process. After all, you will need to consider the overall style and formality of your event and purpose. For instance, if your event is a bit formal, you may want a guestbook that reflects formality. These kinds of formal guestbook generally range from silk, leather to satin. Ribbon page markers are the other important characteristics of classic guest books.

From embellished covers to elegant ones, you are assured to find them in a wide range of materials and colors. However, it might be a challenging task to choose a right style among myriad of styles. The following considerations will help you get one that best suits your person’s individual style.

  • The age or generation of person
  • The way the person dresses, be it solids or patterns, traditional or trendy, subdued colors or bright ones and other such factors.
  • The hobbies or activities the person participates in.
  • Color of jewelry that the person wears. It is indeed a good thumb rule when it comes to choose personalization color for foil stamping and embossing.

There are even themed guest books like bridal guest books, baby shower guest books, and so forth. Each of the themes has general trends that can carry sophisticated design elements. You can either create your own path or follow the trends! The choice will be all yours!