Essential Checklist for Wedding Planning

Weddings are one of the highlights of your life together with your other half. Thus, extensive preparation is needed when you want it to be grand and memorable as possible.

If you want to be the one who will head the planning, go ahead and gather up your resources. But then if you lack the time and want lesser stress, there are event planning centers that can take care of all the things and you’ll have to sit down and relax as you watch things get done.

Here is a checklist outlined for you to discuss with your other half and decide what is fit for your desired wedding.

  • Make sure to determine your budget.

  • Pick a date for your wedding- you can do it on a weekend or holiday to make sure your guests can attend. Making a reservation for your venues is essential.

  • Make a list of your expected number of guests. It’s easy if you start with one side of the family and then the other, then your list of friends and acquaintances.

  • Pick your desired theme for your wedding and reception; this is a key on what venue you would want to look for.

  • Research online and within your area for event and catering services that are in line with what you would want to be done and at the same time priced within your budget.

  • Photography and overall coverage- If you want high quality and perfect photos for your engagement and wedding, you may want to hire professional Houston wedding photographers who will make sure every moment is captured.

  • Catering services- Make sure to choose your food on what you may think is fit for your guests.

  • Find a venue of your choice for the ceremony and reception that is fit with your desired theme. There are venues that you may find that offer package deals that come with sound systems, lightings, floral arrangements, etc., in which you can save time and money.

  • Book your officiant to make sure he/she is available with your chosen date.

  • Sort out legal issues that need to be done.

If you’ll be having a wedding planner to take care of things, make sure to discuss these details with them:

  • Invitations and souvenirs

  • The choice for your wedding dresses or tux

  • Arrangement for your floral arrangement

  • Makeup and hair stylists

  • Wedding cakes of your choice

  • Honeymoon planning

Additional tips

These tips are some small reminders for your wedding planning which can also, in turn, save you from rushing things when the date is near.

  • Reserve hotels for your out-of-town guest

  • Hire the entertainment for your ceremony, or if you have friends who are talented to sing and dance at your wedding or reception; feel free to call them up. Who would not want to be a part of a memorable event, right?

Don’t be shy to call up your relatives and friends who may help you with what you need. It can be stressful in planning your wedding, but it will sure be worth it in the end as you will treasure every moment of it.