Find Simple Steps to an Effective Indian wedding Videography Strategy

Gone are the days when photography was just enough for a wedding album to complete. This day, no wedding album stands completed without having a videography CD attached to it. Although when it comes to videography it may sound a simple action to record with the camera, however, the real test is of videographer who has to take much pain to get the perfect videos.  Videography is difficult, especially when it comes to Great Indian wedding videography. It needs high level expertise and skills to get the frame right. The following will state some Simple Steps to an Effective Indian Wedding Videography Strategy.

  • Meet the families and know the culture

India is blessed with more than 6 religions and has vast cultural differences when it comes to Wedding. Therefore, it is important to know what are the traditions, the customs, and the rituals that are going to be held for the wedding. There are several pre-wedding and post-wedding functions that are performed. It is best to sit along with the families and jot down the flow of events in order to capture every moment.

  • Start covering from the pre-production stages

Pre-production stages mean right from staging the stage, to the garlands hanging, from the catering dishes to the make-up artist, there must be a plan set already so that it becomes easy to capture the moments, right from the beginning. The idea is to set the eyes from the beginning and when one watches it, the flow of the events should walk down the memory lane. Thus, one of the Simple Steps to an Effective Indian wedding Videography Strategy is to cover right from the pre-production stage and that is possible, if the videographer arrives at the venue couple of days prior to the wedding.

  • Take a tour of the venue and get the equipments ready

Touring the venue will help you know how to go about the shoot, the lights, the distance, the kind of cameras and lenses you might need to use. Using of quality video equipment plays a vital role in showcasing high definition images and videos. Make sure a videographer is well equipped with minimum 2 porsumer cameras and tripods, 2 wireless mics, (in case the audio is poor in quality), camera light, 1 hot light and stand and a wired mike and cable ( this may be taken if there are interviews or bytes to be taken).

  • Work in pairs

It is only natural that to get the right frame you will have to struggle. But all this can be smoothen, if a videographer can make friendship with the photographer. While working in pairs along with the photographer, it is a win situation for both the parties. The photographer gets the essential light from the videographer’s set of equipment, and the videographer gets the right frame as the photographer arranges to take photographs.

  • Strategize the video, think of a theme

The market is flooded with videographers and each claim to outperform from the others. It becomes imperative to deliver something unique for the bride and groom so that they remember their videographer and have praises about him. It is a great tip to involve bride and groom’s favorite song to the video while editing and audio dubbing. Set a theme in the mind, while shooting the wedding, even if the wedding isn’t theme based.  Add happy moments, dancing moments, bride and groom’s family’s dancing moments, clips that tell how enjoyable the wedding was- the underline mission is whenever the family sit together to watch the wedding video, a sense of belongingness should be there. Get acquainted with the closer relatives and make sure they are a part of the clippings, be a part of every function so that the significance of each is known well.

Final thoughts

There goes much more on a Wedding Videographer, than just shooting the wedding ceremony. He takes every effort to make the wedding video look the best amongst the rest. However, it is only possible if one has hired a professional who has a name in the industry. It is after all a story of a life time, and must be cherished every time one watches it.