Only the Best!

As is the case with those at the height of leadership in any industry, Krikawa follows a time-honored standard in the design of custom engagement rings, custom wedding bands or, for that matter, any custom jewelry.

In more familiar terms to most, they have developed a recipe for their success.  Krikawa takes the appetite of their clientele for very special, very individual, and unique custom jewelry and brings together the ingredients to satisfy that very need.  They take an idea, often generated by the imagination and creativity of a customer, mix in a generous amount of experience in custom design work, a dash of professional suggestion with respect to the precious jewels and metals that best meet the project aspiration and arrive at a finished product perfect to the most discriminating customer taste.

The crafting of unique engagement rings or custom wedding bands requires a very careful attention to detail.  The assimilation of all the different ingredients in appropriate measure to arrive at perfection requires much experience as well as a dedication to customer service and satisfaction.    It is not always easy to find the exact diamond or quite the right setting to bring together customer concept in the completed   project.

As the industry leader in original design work, Krikawa takes great pride in overcoming any small issues that may arise along the way.  By way of example; should their exhaustive inventory of diamonds and other precious stones fail to meet customer requirement, they will mix in a special-order diamond that will go well beyond customer expectation.  Other such substitutions are also available at the whim of customer choice and individual desire; silver in place of gold, white gold for yellow, colored diamonds in place of more traditional precious jewels and so on.

It goes without saying that customers can be very discriminating in the design of their custom jewelry. They, naturally, want only the very best poured into their project.  It seems a simple step from wanting the very best to engaging the very best; the Krikawa custom design team!