Plan Your Indian Destination Wedding On The Beautiful Beaches in US!

Weddings are always special, especially when they are organized in a traditional manner. When it comes to Indian Destination weddings, what makes the entire staging and setting so unique is the blend of colorful rituals in the same.

As we all know that destination weddings are known to be an adorable manner to celebrate the best day of your life with all your friends and family. Speaking of the same, creativity is a major factor in planning the most memorable destination wedding. One such creative idea is organizing the wedding on the beaches of US.

Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Let’s list down some of the best beaches to adore your Indian wedding into a perfect and most memorable moment to cherish for life:

  • Caneel Bay: St. John, U.S Virgin Islands

Caneel Bay is one of the popular choices when it comes to organizing a traditional wedding in United States. This bay includes 166 rooms in the sits which makes the arrangement accommodating guest in a perfect manner.

One can imagine the bride and the broom gazing at each other and promising the wedding vows following typical traditional Indian wedding rituals. A perfect setting will entitle the wedding to be a marvelous memory that couples will cherish for the rest of their lives.

  • Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort, Florida

I personally believe that a wedding setting is just a piece of perfection when the blanket of beautiful nature supports the event.

I am talking about beautiful Marco Island which serves a perfect setting where guests can dance with the sound of natural waters and enjoy every function under the natural skies.

  • South Beach Miami

Well, quite honestly, a perfect way to celebrate your traditional Indian wedding is by blending your rituals with the pinch of Miami culture. Imagine the settings of weddings where the entire family is dancing on the hip Miami music and enjoying a perfect evening of the wedding. With the arrangement of Open Spa, one can enjoy and relax with utmost facilities and leisure possible in Miami.

  • Half Moon Bay, California

If you are looking for a luxurious Indian destination wedding, this venue is a perfect choice for you. In fact, there were many Indian weddings organized on this bay leaving behind the sweet and luxurious memories of the families.

So make sure, you pin down this venue in your list to be discussed with your wedding planners. Because your planners will do perfect justice from selecting the best destination Indian wedding cards along with perfect theme decision complimenting the venue!

So now, get ready with your list of wedding planning and get ready to work! Indian weddings are all about colorful staging and those smiles on the faces of guests: it just makes the mood so light and refreshing!

And yes, don’t forget the Bollywood dances and music, because with no bollywood music, a wedding is just not right, isn’t it! Pamper yourself in the most unique and adorable way possible, because this day must be perfect for you and for your partner!