Same-sex wedding rings, from tradition to innovations

Same-sex wedding rings, from tradition to innovations

The wedding rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger because according to an ancient belief, a vein, also called the vein of love, ran through that finger directly to one’s heart. In this symbolic way we give to this piece of jewelry the duty to guide our wedding life, ensuring us eternal love and happiness. In many other countries (for example Spain and Greece) the ring is worn on the right hand.

The engagement ring can be an old family legacy, symbol of continuity, or, as usually happens, it can be new, to symbolize the freshness of the brand new relationship.

But the most important ring is no doubt the wedding ring, that must be simple and made of gold.A centuries-old tradition, dated back to the middle age, says that the circular shape is the symbol of renewing life, starting from the same point where it ends. But what about same-sex weddings?

Same-sex wedding rings

Is this tradition changing in some ways or not? Are there particular aspects we should keep in mind when choosing the ring for our gay or lesbian wedding?

According to straight wedding tradition, the ring has to be bought by the groom, but who has to buy the rings in a same-sex wedding?

The civil ceremony does not require necessarily rings, but if you want to keep the tradition, let’s say that the partner that is economically stronger in the couple is reasonably more likely to be the one in charge of the rings. In case the income of the couple is equal, nothing prevents you to the couple to go and buy it together.

Differences between straight wedding ring and a same-sex wedding ring

Are there differences between a straight wedding ring and a same-sex wedding ring? No, really.

Some companies, such as Tiffany (do you remember the ad?)  put on the market wedding rings for gay couples. Many newspaper talked about this initiative, some with laudatory titles, some other with a bit of cynicism: a step forward in LGBTQ rights, or a step forward in sales? This episode not only helped to widen this market segment but also started a new trend: the same sex ring, a niche, no doubt, but certainly constantly increasing.

What kind of ring usually buy same sex couples?

If before gay and lesbian couples used to prefer an informal ring, now the choice goes to something more institutional, a tailored and more thoughtful decision. Men look for something less showy, but not necessarily less precious: diamonds, palladium, rose gold and titanium are on the sales top.