Traditional Versus Modern Wedding Photography

From black and white film to color film to the modern use of digital cameras, photography has evolved greatly since the camera was invented.

The styles used for photography have also changed. Traditional weddings are still the most prevalent ceremony for most couples, but the variety of wedding and photography style seems to grow every day. Couples planning their weddings can choose between having traditional or modern wedding photography styles.

In traditional wedding photography, the marriage rituals and events are captured perfectly balanced stills and videos. The photos of the bride and groom show them posing in traditional lighting, in traditional poses such as holding hands, smiling shyly at each other, walking down the aisle, and the bride throwing the bouquet. Additionally, photos of the friends and family are taken during the traditional rituals such as dancing during the reception, standing in the buffet line, kissing the bride, and catching the garter. Very special emphasis is placed on the arrival of the bride and the time of the feast. These photos are often taken in portrait form and are destined to be hung on living room walls for years.

The modern photography style is accomplished more by instinct than by tradition. The photographers have the camera skills to make the necessary corrections to photograph background and lighting. The aim of modern photography is to capture the bride, groom, and other wedding guests in an unobtrusive way. A photographer taking wedding pictures in the modern style may take pictures of the groom just as they are waking up in the morning, or of the bride getting her hair and makeup done before the wedding. Photos may also be taken catching wedding guests unawares during conversation or while entering an empty church.

You may have trouble deciding whether you want your wedding pictures taken in the traditional or modern style. If you are a traditionally-minded person, then you will undoubtedly choose to have your wedding pictures taken in the traditional manner. If you are open to changes, are ready to take risks and are open to non-traditional poses and scenes, then modern wedding photography will be your choice.

Not all professional wedding photographers are strict adherents to just traditional or modern photography. The majority usually are quite skilled at both styles and can use them alternately during one wedding. Certain poses and group photos lend themselves to the traditional style while others lend themselves to the modern style. You don’t have to choose just one style for your wedding. Visit your wedding photographer and discuss with him or her what your expectations are for your wedding photos. Make a list of the different photos you want taken. Your photographer can help you decide which style fits for each photo on your list. He or she can even help you with new and different ideas for additional photos that you may not have thought of yourself. The more experienced your photographer, the better your wedding photos will be, and the more precious a memento they will be in your future. Help Solaris Studios choose the photography style that best fits your personality and your creative streak.