Wedding Photography – From Past To Present

Wedding Photography – From Past To Present

Wedding photographs is probably one of the major reasons to invent photography. Although, there are some aspects of this sort of photography that have been constant since ages, the photography styles and methods have gone through various changes, and so have never been the same. In this article, we will explore how things have changed by the time and how a few things about wedding photography continue to be the same.

The Digital Aspect

The arrival of digital photographs has completely changed the basic idea of photography. Interestingly, wedding photography hasn’t been shifted to this move until now. Undeniably, taking photos at wedding on a camera reel was common just couple of years ago. After all, it was the only way available to click shots at any event. However, this is no longer the case in present time, and all that is needed is to have a high-quality digital camera and creativity. Digital wedding photography is meant to produce better and finer photos with excellent finish. Also, they can be easily edited to obtain desirable results.  Contrary to the old-fashioned film reel, photographs taken with a digital camera can immediately be viewed, emailed or uploaded online.

New Photography Styles

If you look at the old wedding photography styles, you would find staged photos the only style being taken. Soon the time came when impromptu and candid pictures started getting popularity. Such types of clicks are good to capture the overall personality of the bride and the groom, and can also shed some fun light on the wedding ceremony. The best part of candid pictures is that they can be taken anywhere both inside and outside of a venue. Unlike staged photos, they do not need indoor backdrops, photography studio or studio lighting. Furthermore, candid shots can be more fun for a wedding party when captured by the best wedding photographer Singapore who can help people get naturally involved in the click.

What is The Same

Even though there have been numerous changes in the field of wedding photography over the years, we can find a few things that are continued to be the same. For instance, there are many people who still want to use professional photography services on the site, and the best ones can be hired if you invest some time in proper research. Your photographer will not only save your feeling in the photos but will also capture the things that you used and did on your wedding day. Most people love to display their perfect poses in their home and show them to their family and friends.


Wedding photography is a very important aspect of wedding planning which most people will never want to expel out of their wedding budget. Despite various changes in the styles and methods of photography, your wedding photographs are the memories that you will always want to relive. With a little research, you can easily find the best wedding photographer Singapore who will do a fantastic job with or without your guidelines during the event. Most offer excellent wedding photography packages allowing you to pick one depending on what you think will work the best for your big day.