Modest Wedding Dress – Why do Women Often Choose It?

Although winter is not considered a wedding season, many couples prefer to legitimize their relationship precisely at this season. This situation is caused, in particular, by the presence of many “beautiful dates”, and the famous holiday, Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14. Winter wedding has its own peculiarities and is slightly different from summer one in terms of organization. One of the important elements in the preparation is the selection of the bridal dress suitable for this season.

Fancy & Modest Bridal Dresses

Not every bride wants a wedding dress with a bright neckline, transparent inserts in the bodice area, lace elements or embroidery on the shoulder part of the dress. For the wedding ceremony, religious brides resort to a modest, restrained in color wedding dress variant.

For bold girls, modern couturiers create whole collections of extravagant wedding dresses of various colors and styles, while charming modest people prefer neat monochrome models, offered by designers. Most often, the choice of brides of this type is characterized by femininity, elegance and grace, but seductiveness is also revealed in moderation.

Features of Modest Wedding Dresses

There are numerous versions of modest dresses brides choose for small wedding celebrations and wedding ceremonies. There are several unifying features of modest wedding dresses:

  • Classic style;
  • Veil is indispensable element;
  • Presence of a corset, while variants without a corset are also possible;
  • The hemmed edge of the dress;
  • Lack of catchy dresses;
  • Lack of embroidery on the corset dress and transparent inserts;
  • Cut, which slightly fit the figure of the bride.

In a modest wedding dress, there are simply no parts distracting attention from the bride herself. Such a dress will emphasize the natural beauty, finesse and sensuality of the bride and fully reveal the style of the wedding.

The shade of the classic modest dress for the wedding ceremony is more often – white, less often – beige. You will never see the dress of bright shades of this style. In addition, this dress does not need any flashy accentuating accessories.